Sunday, April 11, 2010

Early to the Party.

So I have a guilty pleasure... it's called People Magazine.

During this pregnancy I have been particularly enthralled with watching pregnant celebrities. Except, seems like nearly all of the women who were due around the time as me have delivered early!

It all started with Padma Lakshimi - Top Chef host, former wife of Salman Rushdie, and all around beautiful lady.

Actually, that's not true... the first "celebrity-type" was that Duggar woman. I don't watch the show, but her bout with pre-enclempsia and early delivery had me quaking in my boots! That little micro-premie is four months old and still only like four pounds.

But then there have been all these other ladies delivering early: Paula Patton, Leslia Leslie.

Well, I'm grateful to my little one for hanging in there. Two days to go.

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