Wednesday, April 7, 2010

O Happy DAY!

Birds are chirping. The sun is shining. It is unseasonably warm...

And it's my last day of work! Hooray!

The outpouring of support I received in email form after yesterday's post was staggering. Thank you all for your kind words and your presence in my life! I thought I would write a post with a different tone today - a foil if you will - for yesterday's list.

Things I will miss about work:

First, for the last few months, we have had a really wonderful, young alum working in our office. I've been training her, and perhaps occasionally overwhelming her with information, but she has been fantastic, encouraging and supportive of me. She tells me I look nice, she marvels at the miracle of life taking shape in my body, and she sneaks in to dish on the conflict and strangeness that often enters our lives in this office. I'll miss her and will be wishing her well!

Second, my lunch bunch. I have three of the most fantastic coworkers... whom I affectionately refer to as "the Philly girls" - Every day we eat together. I have learned more about Pop culture from them than from anyone else in my whole life. Anything I know about the Phillies is because of them, and they provide a wonderful break from work every day at 12:30. I may set the baby up in her bouncy seat at 12:30 and say "so, baby, what did you think of the Biggest Loser last night?" But I'm guessing that might not be quite as satisfying as the laugh-fests that we have. They are the kind of group that will listen to your problems, give good advice, and then find a way to poke some holes in things and get you laughing. I hope they visit, because I'm gonna need that!

Third, there are wonderful people here. I have focused largely on the naysayers and n'er-do-well types that haunt these hallways, but there are also students that bring me flowers, faculty that check in to see how I am doing, and other staff that lend their kind words and support. One faculty came in yesterday, told me how great I looked and then offered some words of advice: "Be sure you take time to look at your baby... they change so fast, seemingly day-to-day, try to memorize her sweet face before it changes." She totally had me in tears with the sweetness of her love for her own children and her happiness that I am about to embark on a similar voyage.

So my dear colleagues, I'll see you July-ish! And for my dear friends and family, thank you for helping me to see the silver lining and allowing me to use this blog as the receptacle for all kinds of emotions - good, bad, honest, and ugly.


Ruth said...

I'm just slightly offended that we are second and not first. I'll probably get over it my July-ish. Probably.

Kathryn said...

Only because of proximity... I think she had just left my office when I started writing this blog post, and my fantastic last lunch with you all was a ways away!

But pretty please get over it sooner than July... I really want to introduce you and April to this tiny girl and take advantage of you teaching her your coolness (and take advantage of your expert baby holding experience).