Saturday, April 10, 2010

The New Pool.

March Madness is over and I am victorious. I picked Duke to go all the way, and they did! And I collected on my bet, eating a glorious dinner with my husband.

We sat in a fancy restaurant, ate delicious food that he might have been reticent to try - had it not been "my" day. And we talked about our thoughts, our hopes and our fears for the next stage of our lives. It's funny that you can be constantly reminded that you are pregnant: by others, by your appearance, and by the still active girl doing her yoga moves in utero and STILL feel like it's not real.

I can see now the reasons why this will be tough - because even today, just 4 days until I give birth, I can ignore or deny this is actually happening - at least some of the time. But that dinner made it better. Just by talking about things, it felt real and good. And I felt so connected to that sweet man across the table from me - and comforted that we are truly sharing this.

Now we have a new pool... a "how big will the baby be" pool. And I am so excited to see if either of us is right.

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