Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bionic Baby

It's happening. We are creating the child that we always dreamed of. Now I am certain there will be times in her life where we wonder where she came up with things, wonder why she is the way she is, and wonder what we did wrong, but for now, it's so nice to see that she loves things that we love.

For example, she loves to drum with her dad.

The other day he came up behind me as I was feeding her some pears and started to use my shoulders as a drum. She started to laugh and move her hands... trying hard to imitate him. It was precious.

She's a thrill-seeker:

Whatever new thing she learns, she wants to be doing it. If she can sit, she wants to sit, even better if she can stand or see someone new. Or teeter on daddy's shoulders, dance with mommy, or explore a new place.

She loves the outdoors:

Look at those eyes. We take a walk at least once a day. The look of wonder is nearly always there. She loves the sky, the trees, the flowers, the animals, and the people we encounter. She's a nature-lover. (Nice shot of me enjoying a potato chip, eh?)

She loves to read:

The love of books is one that lives in every cell of my family. My books are my friends. They represent my whole life. I have enjoyed introducing her to some of my old friends. Not all of her favorites are my favorites, but when I start reciting one she likes from memory, she stops and stares at me, perhaps wondering where the book is. And if you show her the book, she lunges at it with the same hunger as her food.

Oh, and boy does she love to eat:

Here she is in her new high-chair. A new place of joy and satisfaction. And frustration if we are too slow in spooning it out to her.

I am thrilled with the person she is becoming. And she is leaving the lumpness of babyhood behind, becoming a sentient being with things to learn, relationships to develop, and a whole world to change.

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OhanaMama said...

Goodbye, lumpness! :) She is gorgeous, and is sure to grow up with good taste and fascinating interests. Love the photos!