Monday, September 13, 2010

Five Months Old Today...

Things I want to remember:
- How sweet you are. I know you are really awake these days because you smile broadly at me when you see me coming. If I say "hug me!" you will snuggle into me and lay your head on my shoulder.
- How your eyes light up when you see your boyfriend in the kitchen. You smile and sometimes squeal. Your boyfriend, the little animated guy on the Frosted Mini-Wheat box.
- How big you are getting. I know when I look back on these photos I will forget how big you seemed. But now when you lay next to me in bed, your body goes from my shoulder down to my knees. I have to remind myself you are still a baby.
- How sometimes it seems that you are still a part of me. How at 3am, when you have fallen back asleep on my shoulder, how the weight of you melds into me, making it seem like we are still one.

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OhanaMama said...

What precious moments you've captured in words. Enjoy your little one!