Saturday, September 11, 2010

Enjoying the Moment.

Sleep is my biggest obsession right now.

I want to be able to put her down to sleep, once, and have her sleep until she is not tired anymore. And I would like to do it with no tears. Magically. Starting tonight.

Deciding my plan of attack and implementing it on my own are daunting. But my husband's overnight shift and schoolwork make it such that asking him to focus time and energy on my obsession is unreasonable.

But today, I witnessed this:

At first, I thought, "Oh, she should sleep in her crib!" "What precedent is this setting? Will she always want to nap on me?!?"

But then I thought about it. This man loves this girl. Let them snuggle. Let them enjoy this moment together.

How many times do we rush through things, anxious for the next? How often do we miss something magical and fulfilling in pursuit of some ideal of perfection that may not even exist?

So today, I vow to snuggle. Regardless of consequence.

Oh and my baby is so sitting quite well these days. Still in need of a catcher, but soooo close to independence!

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