Wednesday, January 12, 2011

40 Step DNA rehabilitation program begins...

How much of our likes and dislikes are determined by our DNA? Or perhaps our environment at birth? Can that be changed? How long does it take?

These are the questions that I am considering today.

Because the baby does not like the snow.

I was born in Canada in December. My birthday parties growing up were most often sledding parties. To this day, the feeling of my childhood revisits me after I've been outside and upon return to the warm house, I can still feel the chill on my skin, but I "feel" warm again. That feeling is as close as I can come to the happiness of my childhood, and I relish it this time of year.

Today was the second day that I took the baby out in the snow. She began by reacting the same way as the last time - just looking at it. This time, I unflapped her hand and she put her hand in it, mostly accidentally. Then she began to cry.

I reflapped her, tried to help her understand it by playing a bit and fluffing it around. No go.

My baby is broken. I blame the 50% of her that is Kenyan. I ordered a snow-lover. Too late to return this model, so we have now begun the 40 step DNA rehabilitation program.

Step 1: let her eat it.

She loved the texture, and I think the cold felt good to her poor teeth poking through, but she was shocked at how fast it melted.

One step closer to a snow-baby. Stay tuned for the rest of the program.


OhanaMama said...

You can begin this rehabilitation program, or we can swap kids from December-March, since I can not stand the snow and the sun-lover that I ordered turns out to want to wallow in the white stuff.

Sound good?

Kathryn said...

Let's start by getting together while there is snow on the ground. You can cuddle with Emmah and I'll run around with Dom.

Then in August, we can go to the shore, and I'll hide under an umbrella with SPF80 on and you can run after my coppertone girl.

PS. I've been loving your blog, but for some reason my computer doesn't like the word verification, but I look forward to it!

Nicole said...

I can take Emmah skiing with me tomorrow in the backpack. She might love snow after that!