Friday, January 7, 2011


What do you call it when a vigil is over? When people have been crouched outside for weeks, candles in hands, trying to bring light to that which is most important - how do they decide it's time to go home? When do they give up? Does the last person have to pick up the empty votive canisters?

I think they leave feeling with greater satisfaction, but wistful. Maybe they are mourning a bit that their role may soon change. Maybe they are wishing just a little bit that all that sense of purpose they had during the vigil could continue, because they felt needed. They felt important.

How do I know? Well, my vigil is over.

The baby has teeth.

Her tooth buds have been visible since birth and the doctors just told us to watch them and they would make decisions about whether they were natal teeth or tooth "pearls" when they emerged.

We waited.

Around 4 months she started to drool.

Around 6 months she seemed to have some discomfort from them.

Around 8 months I started to wonder if I should save some extra money for dentures.

Now, just one week from her 9 month birthday, here they are, not one but TWO teeth in a week. The first came through on Thursday and the second today.


She's been a little nudgy, evidenced by this photo from our snowy walk today:

Here's a picture of her looking the tiniest bit more peppy. She really does love to go outside for walks, but I do think she is still getting used to being in the back and not up front.

I'm proud of her for finding ways to smile and be joyful with two teeth making their way through. What a good baby.

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OhanaMama said...

What a cool milestone! She sure is a trooper!