Friday, January 28, 2011

On and Off

The baby has two games she plays ALL DAY LONG - one is peek-a-boo, the other is On and Off. That's where she puts something on her head and waits for me to say "on" and then takes it off her head, and waits for me to say "off."

I swear it was cute like two weeks ago.

But it's where she is right now. She is "on" from the second she wakes up. Sometimes she even plays peek-a-boo with herself in the middle of the night. And she fights sleep and wants to stay up and wiggle and wiggle and then *poof* she is "off."

I'm a bit scared, knowing she will be walking soon. Knowing that she will get MORE energetic. How do you get more energy as a parent? I feel like I need a B12 shot, a massage, and a jog, EVERY DAY.

Don't get me wrong, she is SO fun. But keeping her occupied and interested and happy is hard work. Especially now that we are in the grips of separation anxiety - if she is even a little tired or hungry, she wants me no more than 5 feet away. So off I go, to do some yoga and then to curl up in a ball and relax before her switch flips back in hyperdrive again.

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OhanaMama said...

Oh, my gosh, aren't they like little atomic energy bombs?! This age, and the next few months when she is walking, WILL be busy.

For me it helped to hunker down, accept the fatigue, and just remember that it is all temporary- the good and the difficult- and will be over all too soon.

And yes to B12. And caffeine. ;-)