Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Childish Rhyme... please indulge me..

While the reflection of the trees and flowers,
In their beauty, convey their calming powers.
I yearn for a life beyond the confines of these reeds,
To fulfill and challenge all my needs.

To most of those born on this land,
Contentment can be found where they stand.
They can be happy with what they know,
And think that more will cause fear to grow.

But my wings yearn for a wider girth-
A freedom that has eluded since my birth.
What lies beyond the endless days of practiced preening,
And the narrow focus of collective leaning?

Dare I dream of flying far?
Release my feet from tombs of tar?
A willing partner that would guide me somewhere?
To have my joyful calls heard elsewhere.

For now I will enjoy the moment,
Without depair, chiding or lament.
But I will continue to dream that I might be free,
In the blissful company of one who loves me.

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