Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Wishes for the Holidays...

Today is my last day in the office for two full weeks. I'm very excited to have a break, to go see my family, and to spend time with friends.

I've been thinking about holiday wishes for the last few days. While I secretly long for comfortable high heels and super slimming pants to find their way to me, I'm realistic with my expectations.

Instead, more than anything, I would like those wonderful friends of mine that send me chain mail emails and cheesy forwards to instead send me a quick note telling me that they miss me and that they would like to get together soon. I can deal with the endless spam... I simply delete it away, but when I actually hear from someone I care about, I don't want to think that I'll be suffering years of bad luck if I don't forward the message on to other unsuspecting souls.

I've been tempted recently to send this wish out to my collective address books, but I know it would unintentionally offend, much like those chain letters. So instead, I'll continue to be the bearer of untold amounts of bad luck.

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