Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pregnancy Update: Week 26

Well, I forgot to warn everyone that I had two weeks off - Dec. 18th to Jan. 4th. I really thought I would write, but instead I hung out with friends and family, napped at least once (okay I'll come clean, at least twice) everyday, and ate small meals every few hours. Oh, and I spent alot of quality time with my husband.

It was magical.

So, I know you are all wondering - "How is that baby, Kathryn?"

Well, that baby is doing great. She is kicking much more, but is especially good at kicking my bladder. In fact, just this morning I was thinking that the difference between the blahs of the first trimester and the ooh-ahhs of the second trimester can be summed up in one phrase: In my first trimester, if someone made a joke about puking, I could imagine and would have to resist the urge to puke right there; now at the tail end of my second trimester, if someone makes a joke about peeing their pants, I could imagine and have to resist the urge to pee my pants right there.

Ahhh, fun times.

The jury is still out on whether I am "OMG, SO HUGE!" or "SUCH A CUTE PREGNANT WOMAN!" I get both comments with frequency.

By the way, here are the things I never want to hear again in my life:
"You are definitely having a 9 pound baby!"
"Sheesh! When are you due?" (Accompanied by the obligatory look up and down)
"Get plenty of sleep now, you'll never sleep again for the next 20 years."
... and anything about the potential skin color of my baby.

Now, it's nearly 11am, time for me to pretend to be working while I take a little nap on my keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Last time I saw you, you were amazing in that LBBD and cute heels. I can't imagine anything different now. Glad you had nice holidays.

craige said...

Holy shit! I mean, congrats! :) You can tell I haven't read your blog in a while, heh.

Kathryn said...

Hi Craige! Sorry I haven't told you or any of the ladies from SS&SA... I was keeping it very quiet for awhile and then I kind of lost track of who knew and who didn't!

HOpe you are doing well! We should catch up soon! Or if you are down in Philly again this summer and want to come and see the little one, I would love to see you and Jeff again!