Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 13th Octopus.

When I first started feeling the baby move, she was like a butterfly. A few weeks later she grew bigger and stronger, like a bird. Then the jabs started and I started to joke that my belly had turned into a human "Jiffy Pop" and I was going to give birth to a bowl of popcorn.

Now my dears, she is definitely an octopus. There are too many limbs to be just a normal baby. There is no way that she can tap me on the bladder, kick me in the ribs and poke out my belly button - simultaneously - without a few extra limbs to help her out. I'm okay with that, I will love her regardless.

Let us now turn our attention to the number 13. Considered unlucky by some, I think it's a lovely number. Let's look at the dates in my life that have happened on the 13th: February 13th is the anniversary of my parent's first date, March 13th is my sister's birthday, and April 13th is a holiday for Sikhism - and it is the date that we have now scheduled for this little girl to be born.

Viva 13!

Just 53 days away.


craige said...

Jeff and I got married on the 13th! Of November. Our first date was Nov. 13, 3 years prior to that, so it seemed fitting.

craige said...

I meant to add: I do not believe in the superstition surrounding the number 13. Something I find so amusing is buildings with no 13th floor, such as the one in which I work. I wonder if the people on the 14th floor have ever stopped to think about what floor they really work on...

Kathryn said...

Again, I totally agree. While I can be superstitious about alot of things, the number 13 is not one of them.

I was hoping she could be born on 4/12/10 - but only because my birthday is 12/10. But I would rather have my favorite OB do the c-section on the 13th than have some random numeric association.