Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things that have changed...

At this point in life and in my pregnancy, there are many things that are changing - and so quickly I can barely keep up.

For example, here is a list of things that I used to love, and was good at, that I now am bad at:
- Walking
- Breathing
- Climbing stairs
- Breathing after climbing stairs
- Being patient and kind

When you combine two or three of these things, like climbing the stairs to the train, and trying to be kind to my fellow passengers, I am prone to anger, grimacing, and lingering bad thoughts. I am slowly becoming like the curmudgeon lady that is always huffing and puffing about something, sometimes muttering things like "of course!" or "ridiculous!" under her breath.

That brings me to a question: if the person you dread seeing the most in life is the curmudgeon lady, yet you see that you are slowing becoming her, does that speed or retard your progression in becoming like her?

Other things that now annoy me, EVERY MORNING:
- People that don't hold the door for me
- People that push pass me to get on the escalator
- The fact that the conductor does not open the heavy train door, nor does he ever offer to help me up or down the stairs. (What does he do? Looks at my pass, but that's about it)
- People staring at me, and if I look up at them, then they want to know 400 things about me and the baby
- People who sit next to me that elbow me in the belly while trying to find things in their enormous bags, which they probably just smacked me with while they sat down
- People that don't move when the nice man in the wheelchair gets on the train - I can only imagine what HIS list looks like, but he has a kind face and maybe not as many hormones as I do... so maybe he has just resigned himself to this routine

And there are 8 more weeks. Sheesh. That seems like a VERY long time to me right now.

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Anonymous said...

You are no curmudgeon! These are all perfectly valid things to be irritated by, and obvious of. And the empathy that you are showing for others is good. A good learning experience that the world is not perfect and there is always room for improvement.