Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update: End of February

What things have changed? Well, let's start with my nose. Let's compare, shall we?

The photo above was taken this past weekend at brunch. I am very healthy, no cold, no sinus pressure, but still, my nose is considerably larger than usual.

Let's use the following picture as comparison:

This photo was taken in July - the month that I got pregnant. Look at the cuteness. Look at that sweet baby. Now take a look at my nose, which is also quite cute and small.

Very interesting.

I could go into other changes, like the way my shirts fit or the way my pants slide down, but that would distract from this comparison. So for now, let's leave it here for everyone to contemplate.

Also, take note in the photo how similar my husband and my features are... big eyes, big cheeks with dimples - I think we have a good idea what this girl will look like!

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