Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fire Drill

I was taking my usual nap, drooling happily, when the fire alarm in the hallway started going off. Not our personal aparment smoke detector, but the big bell in the hallway that reminds one of a high school fire alarm.

So I put on my shoes, grabbed my coat, my purse, and the binder that we keep in the bedroom with all our important documents. I went and sat in the car until I saw the firemen walk up and down the stairs and then turn off the fire alarm.

Maybe it's because I've personally known two people in the last two years that have lost everything in fires, maybe it's because of the crazy neighbors we have that I would not put it past them to do things like smoke in bed or overload extension cords, whatever it is, I took this alarm seriously.

My question for you is: if you had 30 seconds to decide what to take, what would you take?


craige said...

I lie awake at night worrying about this at times. Keeping a binder of important docs is a good idea. I never thought of doing that. What I most worry about is our cat. She is not a bold cat and when she's scared, she hides. I have managed to pull her out from under our bed all by myself, but with great difficulty (for vet appts). I worry that I would not be able to find her and would have to leave her behind.

Kathryn said...

I totally understand, I was relieved that Charles wasn't home and that it was just me. If I had to worry about him, a pet, or children, I don't think I would have been so calm.

It was interesting, I picked up my laptop and camera too, and then put them back down, thinking that all that could be replaced.