Monday, February 22, 2010

A mind of her own

This little girl growing inside me has a mind of her own. Back about 2 weeks ago, I knew she was turned breech by all the kicking she was doing to my bladder, cervix and bowels. Then miraculously she turned.

Now she's back. And with her getting bigger and stronger, it feels vaguely like she could kick her foot right on out of me. I haven't ever used Ben Wa balls for Kegel exercises, but I imagine that if I were wearing them, and one went rogue and headed too far north, that it would be a similar feeling.

Too gross?

I admit that a full day of kicking down there has me sore and cranky. Add in some extra stress at work and my patience is wearing thin. Hopefully that feeling is purely emotional and not an indication of the state of my cervix.

Too gross again, right?

Okay, well I'm going to go play some music to my crotch, while lying in an inverted position and see if I can get this girl to be more like the other 97% of all fetuses. Individuality can wait until after birth, in my humble opinion.

P.S: I know that this blog has become all about my pregnancy. I predict in 6 weeks or so, it will become all about being a new mom. Certain things in life have a way of eclipsing everything else. Do I still care about current events? Sure. Do I still want to help the world's impoverished and underrepresented? Absolutely. But it's not as ... well... present as this transition going on in my body, my marriage and my life. And I just don't have the energy to make it any different.


Kathryn said...

Well after doing faux handstands, downward facing dog, lying in a reclined prone position and playing music to my crotch, my very obediant baby has turned enough that I am more comfortable! Go baby!

Now stay!

craige said...

Hahaha music to your crotch -- I love it! Please keep giving all the gory details. I have about given up reading one blogger friend who only ever talks about how great having a baby is. I'm sure it's wonderful, but come on. There are moments that are not so great, too, I just know it. Gross, difficult, exhausting, whatever -- it's all part of the parenting reality, right?

Kathryn said...

I totally agree! I have to fight not to be too negative, especially since compared to most, I've had an "easy" pregnancy.

But there is so much about this that is not fun. Sure, it's wonderful to feel like I am getting to know this little life, but c'mon, my nose is twice normal size, my waist is 13 inches larger, and my fingers are constantly numb from my carpel tunnel worsening because of the relaxing of my joints and the swelling in my extremities.

And the one thing I was actually excited to happen: my boobs getting bigger, just hasn't happened!

So stay tuned Craige! I expect the need to vent will only increase in the next few weeks.