Thursday, August 19, 2010

Avocado and Lime, exclamation point!

A typical day for me here: Up at 1am, 3am, 5am. Finally relenting at 5am to bring the wee 'ting into bed. Up at 7:30 for the day.

We threw on a new dress that we got for $3, and headed down to meet "daddy" as he returned from his overnight shift. We see the same folks every morning: First, the maintenance man who perpetually has an unlit, half smoked cigar in his mouth. Then the younger maintenance man who pulls up in his fancy truck, goes inside and grabs a grubby white trash can and starts to walk the grounds. Finally, our patience is rewarded and we see my husband turn into the driveway.

The baby never recognizes him at first. Finally, he'll say "Hey!" or something and she snaps her mind out of the trees, the sky, and her snuggling-fest with me to actually see him.

But I had a dentist appointment today, so I went running off quickly after his arrival. Interesting fact: having your teeth drilled IS in fact more relaxing than hearing your baby scream. I had both today, so I know.

Weird hygienist. An older lady that in the span of 30 minutes tried to convince me that her daughter should babysit for me, tried to teach me how to floss (I am 36, I have been flossing for three decades), and twice tried to convince me that my pregnancy gingivitis was a precursor to major bone loss.

But then I ran home at top speed, we visited a friend whose sweet, sweet parents are returning to Russia this week. I feel for her. She has had them here for a year, alternating between Mama and Papa. We will miss them and their delicious food, their sweet and nearly smothering attention, and their kindness - I can only imagine how hard it will be for her and their baby.

Then the girl and I took at walk, a trip to buy baby spoons with daddy, and then the exhausted one fell asleep. While I was nursing her my husband made dinner - chicken, broccoli, avocados with salt and lime. Simple but delicious.

So there you go... my new life.

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