Friday, August 13, 2010

Four months old today.

Today sweet girl is four months old. Which just happens to correspond with my first official day as a stay-at-home mom. It was a messy few weeks that led up to this day, but we are glad that it is here and we will go forward and reinvent ourselves when the time is appropriate.

Things I want to remember:
- That the first full day I was away from you, when I came back and you saw me, you screamed with delight, laughed and smiled, and then cried your eyes out all the way home. Missing me must have been exhausting, because you nursed for hours, then you slept nearly through the night. Falling asleep at 7:30, waking for 2 minutes at 2am, and then sleeping again until 6am. Thank you for that. I needed it too.

- That you gargle sounds in the back of your throat most of the time, punctuated by screams, proper coos, and laughs.

- That we blow raspberries at you so often, that you are now working hard to do them too, even though they really come out as spitting.

- That today at the doctor, you were up to 90th percentile for height. You can sit on my lap and nurse now, with your feet dangling off my legs... as if you are already a toddler.

- That you were also still in the 95th percentile for weight. We get to start solid foods next week, in an effort to fill your belly with less calories. We'll see how that goes.

- That your dad now has his own routine to put you to sleep, after 4 days with you. I know they were exhausting for him, but I LOVE seeing you two together, so comfy and secure with each other. You are both lucky.

- That the day that I had my going away party felt bad, but the next day when you were there and everyone could see what I was going to, well frankly, that felt glorious.

- That you now love your little lambie, your favorite stories, and certain songs we sing. I know they will change over the years, but you already have so many opinions. And you are trying hard to teach us what you like!

- That even though you want to be doing all the challenging things you can manage: standing on our laps, sitting up, pulling your head up all the time, rolling, playing with your toys and your toes... even with all of that advanced stuff, you still want to snuggle into my neck or the crook of my arm and rest with me. You are a snuggly sweetheart. A snuggly sweetheart with alot of opinions.

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