Wednesday, August 18, 2010

..huddled masses yearning to breathe free...

I think the joy of having a wonderful partner in this confusing drama of new parenthood, is that the two of you can huddle over your bundle of joy and worry together.

I have spent countless hours in the last four months standing next to my sweet husband and freting over some small thing... a small rash, an oddly soiled diaper, a slight fever.

If someone were to paint a portrait of this first few months, it would be of us, over at her changing table, poking and worrying. Luckily, everything resolves fairly quickly, but it is nice to have someone that is just as obsessed with the details, so I feel less alone and more reassured.

The semester is starting next week. I feel a bit like my partner is about to be sucked away into a tornado. I know just how hard it is to focus on his schoolwork, and this is a very important semester. Small girl and I are going to try not to be too much of a distraction. We're beginning to think about a few trips here and there to keep us busy and to give him time to work.

The end is in sight, he will graduate in May, but in the meantime there is much work to be done! I am proud of him for all his dilgence, his dedication, and his work ethic. And I cannot wait to see him in his mortar board!

But we are going to miss him in those moments when he has to work. And I will miss my worry-buddy!

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