Monday, March 12, 2007

The Barber of Seville

I know all you loyal readers (oh wait, that's me), are so used to seeing reviews of cultural offerings that you probably think this is another description of some fabulous opera that I've seen.

No, this is a very different kind of story.

On Saturday, after deciding that I had no desire to follow through with any of the potential plans that I'd made, I thought I would treat myself to some pampering. What constitutes pampering for me usually takes the form of someone else doing something for me that I could easily do for myself, but it's so nice to sit back and just let them do it. (Okay, that sounds kind of bad... minds OUT of the gutter, please.)

So I decided to go get my hair straightened. Not permanently, but just for the day with the hopes that I could keep it that way for the Opera the next day.

I walked into the local cheap hair place and asked if they had time to blow it straight for me. "Um, sure... I do, but you have to get it cut too," was what the man said to me. "Okay, but just a tiny bit of a trim" was my response.

I sat down in the chair and the man put gloves on. "I have to wear these, because I cut myself badly today with the scissors." (Ominous music should begin to play here.)

One half hour later, I emerged with a burnt scalp, and a lop-sided new style that is easily 4 inches shorter than it used to be. Oh, and some of the man's blood in my hair because he cut himself badly again while cutting my hair - to the extent that blood was running down his hand and dripping on me.

The whole experience only cost me $20, but it took me almost an extra hour to get ready this morning. I must partially straighten my hair to get it to look less like a poodle-afro.

Moral of the story: Kathryn's desire to be pampered will be punished by the Gods.


Craige said...

Haha, aww. I think the moral is to leave your hair the way it is. You have wonderfully curly hair. Don't try to make it what it's not!

Kathryn said...

362 days of the year, I'm totally fine with what I have, but every once in a while I just like to remind myself what I would look like with straight hair.

I also only get the pampering urge a couple times a year and it usually manifests itself in the form of a pedicure, but I had blisters on my heels from snowshoeing the weekend before - so pedicures were out.

And... I only spent my normal amount of time on it today, and it looks EVEN worse today... total poodle-afro. My head is like a big fluffy sphere.