Friday, March 30, 2007

Lent's Failure is Passover's Promise...

I think I made it approximately 24 hours before I started cheating on my Lent plans. (Read Feb. 21st post if you've forgotten) Therefore and forthwith, I've decided to try my hand at Passover.

I don't want to give the impression that I'm abandoning my Lent plans simply because I wasn't perfect - as things go, how hypocritical would that be? I've already learned a great deal from my restrictions: 1) I totally use food as a reward and as a comfort (even healthy foods - I've totally caught myself rationalizing a trip for sushi because of a hard week). 2) I have saved a lot of money by skipping my soy chai in the morning. 3) Sudanese priests are suspicious of young women sculptors. 4) When you fail, or fall, it's important - vital really - to try again. So let's think of this restructuring as another attempt to honor my ancestors sacrifices - we're just switching ancestors.

Beginning at sundown, for the next 8 days, I will not be eating any leaven bread products. This means no bread, cake, cookies, beer, whiskey or pasta! It sort of includes some of my restrictions from Lent (sugar and salt) but is more focused and hopefully more realistic.

Technically, since I'm not Jewish, I am considered an apostate - or one that left their faith. But I prefer to think of my self as the opposite - one that embraces all the faiths and tries to live by a moral code that transcends the technicalities (and loopholes) of one specific religion.

My restrictions will be lifted on Easter, well Saturday. So I'll be able to celebrate with my friends at a wine and cheese.

Now, some randomness:
First, yesterday my mood was completely turned around by a crazy person. There was a man on the opposite corner doing that look-at-your-shoes thing that signals some one's not all there, but as I walked by... he looked up, smiled, and with all sincerity said "If beauty had a name, it would be you." Completely unexpected - drool or obscenities were what I'd planned for, so I was not only caught off guard, but floored and flattered in a way I have not been in quite awhile. So thanks, Crazy Man, very kind of you!

Secondly, if any of you are cleaning out your closets and come across any clothing that you'll be getting rid of or throwing away, especially in bright, saturated colors, let me know. I've got secret projects going on.

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