Thursday, March 15, 2007

Killing time

I've noticed an alarming trend about the locations that I've lived.

Each city has quoted itself the "murder capital" of the country at some point while I was there: Detroit, Baltimore, DC, and now Philadelphia.

What's going on here?

Here are a couple of ideas:
1- It's all bull?: perhaps there's some cache with presenting yourself as the worst, most dangerous city in America. Do city governments perhaps feel that it will stop more violence from happening? I'm guessing not, so this is probably not what's going on.

2- Coincidence?: Maybe I'm just extraordinarily good at picking cities at their worst possible moment. Like a moth to a flame... except in this case, the flame is because people are looting and rioting.

3- It's all my fault?: I'm willing to concede that I'm not always the most wonderful person to be around, and perhaps after interacting with me people think "Wow, I'm gonna kill someone." And then they actually do.

4- The opposite?: Maybe, I'm so WONDERFUL to be around that when I leave, even the lecherous murders are so distraught that they have to put their guns down, causing the murder rate to go down and pushing the city away from being the worst of the worst.

5- I'm attracted to fixer-uppers?: Perhaps I'm unconsciously choosing cities that are in some sort of depression, but are full of potential - a potential they realize at some point after I leave.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'm very curious.

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