Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dollhouse Destroyed

I've been trying to figure out how to overcome the challenges that my current life presents. Trying to learn from my tumultuous move to Philly, I'm trying not to change EVERYTHING at exactly the same time.

So yesterday, like magic, a small glimmer of possibility fell into my lap.

A friend of mine at work emailed me to try to convince me to move to the city. Armed with my usual excuses (too expensive, not worth the money, bad location, don't want to leave the bestest roomate in the world, etc) I listened to the description: $400 a month, including all utilities, next door to a friend-of-a-friend, at 11th and Pine, above a doll-hospital.

The rent is quite nearly the same as my commuting- and all those commuting-related expenses, the location - PERFECT, three blocks from two groceries, and a nice walk to both work and more going-out opportunities than you could shake a stick at! Above a doll-hospital, next to a beautiful park, close to friends in the city. Yes, it sounded small, quirky... and did I mention small, but I was down-sizing and planning already.

I made an appointment to see it with my friend. But today the dream has been dashed. The previous resident set fire to the little apartment, forcing my friend-of-a-friend-potential-neighbor to move, and dislocating my fantasy.

Maybe the dolls drove him to his porno-induced-pyromania. (He used his porno mags as kindling for the fire.) Oh, well... I'll just keep searching for the key to my soon-to-be-found-new-happier-than-ever-wonderful life.

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