Friday, March 23, 2007

The Don't-know it all, know-it-all

I'm feeling very awake and refreshed after a great game of Quizzo last night with my co-workers. Our team, Doctor Foxy and the Hot Toddies, came in 2nd - I'm happy to report. This combined with my two recent first place trivia victories at work have me feeling like a great, big nerd. (In a good way.)

Do people outside the Delaware Valley know what Quizzo is? It's a trivia game, usually played in a bar, and it tends to be a lot of pop culture stuff with a few traditional trivia questions thrown in. I like Trivial Pursuit better, since there's more culture, geography, and history questions, but it's still pretty fun - except the drunk, dumb people that make jokes that aren't funny.

Before Quizzo, I went with some friends to take their dogs to the dog-park. It was very interesting to be there. The dogs were all having a great time, were super-friendly, and only a couple dogs were a touch aggressive. I spent most of the time bonding with my friend's chihuahua, Ben. Ben was so excited to be there, but he was so scared of the bigger dogs that he spent most of his time on the sidelines with the people watching the action and shaking in an excited - but clearly nervous way.

I totally related to him. I get that feeling when I'm out... "I want to be there in the action"..."Uh-oh-no-it's scary...retreat, retreat, retreat"... happens to me all the time. When other dogs came up to him, he was great and very sweet to them. Almost grateful for their attention. I totally understood that - he's an introvert dog. And that's the way I was as a kid. More comfortable on the sidelines with the adults than playing in the mud with the kids.

So while my confidence in my trivia knowledge is growing, I still feel like sometimes I don't play well with others. I know I'm best one-on-one, and I am definitely grateful for the attention when I get it!

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emily said...

Ben is a Toy Rat Terrier.