Monday, March 26, 2007

Wait one more minute, things will change.

I'm always shocked at how rapidly things change. Last week we had an awful snow and ice storm, but in one short week, it's Spring! And you can tell, even if it gets chilly, it's not going back.

The daffodils are up, the forsythia blooms look like they've always been there, the grass is super-green, and even the large expanses of brown fields are starting to grow again.

As much as this change to Spring makes me feel hopeful and optimistic, it also reminds me of how quickly things can change the other way too. We can be rolling along with our lives, and BOOM! - All of a sudden we lose something, and sometimes, nearly everything.

We all know the devastating stories of Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami, but unless you're very lucky, we ALL have those moments in our lives. Those times when our very existence seems to be called into question - times when it feels like if even one-more-tiny-little-thing were to happen, it would all be over - impossible to rebuild.

But we do rebuild, one brick at a time. And when it happens again, we rebuild again - one brick at a time. And there are people there to help us. Maybe not the same people that helped us the last time, but there's always some kind-hearted soul that is there.

So instead of complaining about where we are, maybe we could just try to build on it. Maybe we could be grateful that our lives are not worse - at least not right at this minute. Maybe we could enjoy the Spring without thinking of the hot summer days ahead.

And most of all, we can use these moments of respite, between the harsh seasons, to thank the people that helped us rebuild - that helped us get to this moment. To all of you that have helped me get here - thank you. And to all of those that need my help to rebuild, I've got some extra bricks right here.

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