Friday, October 12, 2007


I've become completely addicted to the Sneeze.

It's so funny. I especially love the "No, Steve, Don't eat it!" feature. It's hilarious. I wish my blog were funny. Heck, I wish I were funny, but too often my attempts fall flat.

Speaking of sneezes though... the new hair product that I bought from the salon that gave me my fancy new style smells remarkable like one of those earth-shattering sneezes. I'm now afraid that when I walk into a room that a friend or loved one will say, "Um, did you just sneeze?"

Just in case you're dying to try it, here's the product. It does great things to curly hair, but it sure does smell funny:


craige said...

You probably require a different curl product than I do (mine need encouragement, yours probably need taming?), but a friend who has great curly hair turned me on to Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier. I'm really liking it. When we went away last weekend (and did not check bags) I missed it (since it's over the 3 oz. limit and would not fit in my ziplock anyway). The L'Oreal stuff that I took instead did not hold a candle... or my curls.

Kathryn said...

I feel like our hair texture is actually probably pretty similar - on the finer side.

I've used some Catwalk products before... but I think the one I used was Control Freak. (fitting!)

I have an arsenal of curl products. My over-arching generalization is that spray stuff works best on my hair, in combination with lots of conditioner.

I vary back and forth with products, but I really like:
Deva, Angel gel
John Frieda, Dream curls spray
Aveda, Brilliance Damage control spray (which comes in a travel size, thank god) and their waxy pomade stuff for when my hair is straightened.
Bumble and Bumble, Curl Conscious
and there are a bunch more that I would have on hand if I could have unlimited bathroom storage space:
Mixed Girls, the yellow stuff
Ouidad, the light spray stuff not the crunchy, gross stuff

Way too much information for you, but I have definitely found that the stuff I put in my hair determines the behavior of the curl. So on any given day, I'll choose what I want: more structured curl, loose and soft, up and out of the way, straightish and swingy, or straight-up afro.

Okay, I'm done. Dissertation on curly hair over.