Monday, October 1, 2007

Picture this...

I am going to make a concerted effort to start taking more pictures.

For example, how can I describe the madness of the Phillies freakout yesterday without a picture of the fans at City Hall?

How can I describe the woman with the shortest tennis skirt ever, if I don't document it?

How can I keep you all interested and intrigued by my boring life, if you can only imagine it? Wouldn't you rather see it?

I'm gonna work on it. You'll see. Maybe even tomorrow, there might be photos. Especially if I can get my wireless to actually work at home.

In the meantime, for old time's sake, instead of a photo of how lovely a day it is here in Philadelphia, let me offer this poem:

Children laughing
People passing
Sun is shining
Workers dining

Cell phones ringing
Homeless singing
Traffic stalling
Drivers galling

Couples dreaming
Phillies streaming
Leaves are falling
Lunch is calling

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