Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I know I look mean here and in one of my new haircut pictures, but really... it's just those photos... I'm a very happy, jovial zombie... look at the look on the bunny's face... that's the real me.

If I wear a costume next year, it will have to be something happy. It was so hard not to laugh and smile today. In fact, it didn't work. I need to be a clown or a stewardess or something. Something chipper and perky.

My boss wore a "barely there" costume today... just bear paws with her normal business pants suit. It was absolutely hilarious. A one point during a presentation, she reached with both hands (I mean paws) to take a drink and I nearly lost it. It was so funny. Very, very good.

There is something lovely about leaving your identity for a day and trying something new. Both my costumes helped me step outside of myself for awhile and let go. It felt very free and very fun. I've realized that I am quite happy with things right now. There is stress, there is work, and there are untold scary things ahead, but it is also nice to relax into a moment of fun.

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