Friday, July 27, 2007

Beep, Beep, Beep - Dump.

Yes, that's the sound of a truck backing up and unloading a pile of stuff onto my head. That's how I've been feeling today. Like several trucks have emptied their emotional contents onto my head.

Let's recap the week:
- Police on my doorstep because of 911 call about a break-in and subsequent unhappy homeless person terrorizing our alleyway after being detained.
- Seriously scary mugging of my friend that lives 2 blocks away the same night.
- Boss came back from her "vacation" with her dementia suffering, ailing mother.
- Huge memorial service coming up for Ms. Ayesha.
- Stage 4 diagnosis for another friend's mom.
- Ongoing breakup saga for friend that is so intense and full of manipulation.
- Another friend needing my help and input on a last minute move to another city.
- There are about 3 other things that are too personal to share, but trust me, they're big.

So with trying to keep the fun things like African dance and my friend's birthday party in my schedule, I am now a complete basket case.

I am ready for my vacation more than ever now. I seriously feel like once I make it through the memorial service, that I'm going to take a day to lay in bed and maybe just moan or cry. I'm not really depressed, I'm just exhausted from trying to keep my emotional steadiness amongst this vast sea of hurt and tragedy. Maybe I'll set a time limit... 2 hours to moan and cry, followed by a light movie and a cupcake.

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