Thursday, July 19, 2007

When just enough becomes too much.

I've been thinking all day today about that moment when my very full life becomes too much for me to handle. I can always swing it back around into balance eventually, but for a few hours it feels overwhelming.

Yesterday and today have felt like too much. Too many people who need my attention and too many activities to handle. Nothing bad at all, just too much.

I know everyone would understand if I said "No, I can't today" but I don't want to do that. Most everything is fun and fine... there's just too much of it!

I know there are so many people reading this that understand. We all spend so much of our time just plodding along, dealing with what comes and trying to manage all the stuff. So much of our stress we create ourselves - we fill our days with activities in an attempt to have full and wonderful lives, but day to day the amount we're in the mood to handle changes.

So today I'm in the mood for a heavily air conditioned room (my office is a million degrees), a large icy cup of herbal tea (I'm trying to control my Starbucks addiction), a few moments of uninterrupted time to start calling people I need to call, and a chance to relax after work.

Probably not in the cards for me today. Instead I've been a big, grumpy, sweaty lump of a human being. But I have high hopes for tomorrow or maybe next week.

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