Monday, July 30, 2007

Election time!

I love the movie Election. When faced with a simple school election, Reese Witherspoon's fangs come out and all her ambition turns ugly. That's so me.

I've actually only been in one election in my whole life: National Honor Society. I was in the running with Cindy, a much more popular girl. I started a word-of-mouth campaign about how much I wanted to contribute to the school and how dedicated I was to my academics (being sure to leave doubt about Cindy's qualifications clearly in mind, but unspoken.) Wouldn't you know it, I won. Little 'ol chubby, nerdy me!

Then, two weeks later my parents announced we were moving to another state and I abdicated my throne to Cindy anyway.

But now, here I am... given another chance to shine. You can vote for me and my blog at this site:

I'm not promising lower taxes. I'm not sure I can do anything to ensure universal healthcare. I don't even think I can hold up on the campaign trail. But I can say that I'll keep typing. I'll try to have more interesting posts and less emotional vomit. But I can promise one thing, if we ever meet again and you say "Hey, I voted for you" then I'll buy you cake.

Yes, that's right, I'll buy your vote with cake.


Mike said...


Thanks again for the interview. Best of luck to you!

Craige said...

Gimme cake!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Mike...

And Craige, I'll be in NYC on Sunday for Dim Sum... if you can meet me in Chinatown, I'll buy you cake!