Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Identity removed. Bye little car.

Sunday afternoon I spent a couple of hours preparing my car to be donated to Purple Heart. I'm over dramatizing here, but it felt like preparing a body for burial. I cleaned it, removed my identity from it, and wished it well on its voyage to its new life.

I still have to send my tags to the MVA and send the title to Purple Heart, but the car is being picked up by the tow truck today.

I never really wanted the car. I felt like I needed it for safety back 8 years ago. I always struggled with it... sending it to storage at my parents house when it was too overwhelming. I struggled with the payments for over 4 years, before my parents finally took pity on me and paid it off... just in time for the mechanical problems to start.

I let other people drive it as often as possible. Our last big trip together was when I left my life in DC to parts unknown. I loaded the essentials into my little car and drove off into the sunset - without much warning or fanfare.

I guess I'll miss the very specific freedom that comes with having a car, but I'm completely green now, which makes up for it. I know that I probably will need to concede at some point in the future. There are very few places you can have a family and be a sculptor without a car. But for now, I'm enjoying the walking, and happy to not have the aggressive drivers making obscene gestures when they end up behind me on the highway.

I may be a good citizen, but I'm a bad driver. So you can all thank me for removing myself from the chaos of American roads.

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