Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've been tagged...

Craige (the high school friend, not the ex) tagged me on her blog to complete seven random things about myself. My whole life is random, so I don't think this will be a problem.

Here we go... let the randomness begin!
1) I'm obsessed with other religions. I "try-on" other religions all the time. I think it's because both my parents are Episcopal priests, but my mother is half-Jewish, and my great-grandparents died in the holocaust - religion has ruled my life. So at any given moment, in my brain I might be thinking about keeping kosher, chanting a Buddhist heart sutra, or thinking about my chakras. Also, the word "Christian" makes me cringe.

2) I can't bring my lunch. Something happens between when I make it and when I have to sit and eat it... I don't want it anymore. And sometimes I feel like maybe it's spoiled, even though I know it hasn't really spoiled.

3) I'm allergic to Titanium Dioxide. It's in everything from sunscreen to toothpaste. I know within a few minutes if I've used something that has it - I start to feel faint. This makes me a label-scouring person at the drugstore.

4) I have always been afraid I'll be unable to have children. To me not having children, or at least adopting them, would be the biggest tragedy of my life.

5) I can barely afford to eat, but I own several impressive things: a woodcut by renowned modernist Jan Arp and a scarab ring that supposedly is from King Tut's tomb.

6) I fall in love with everyone I sleep with. Hence why I don't sleep around - self deprivation for self preservation.

7) I can create whole fantasy lives for myself based on just one small thing. My fantasy life for myself right now is that I move to Africa, have a baby and adopt two more. Always have a kid tied to me and help women there market their art and traditional crafts for a western market while learning all the Bantu languages and reinforcing my Amharic.

This is the part that I'm supposed to tag other bloggers, but I don't really know any other bloggers besides Craige and a random woman that I used to work with. And if I admit to that other woman that I read her blog, then I have to admit that I've seen pictures of her in some strange situations... and I really don't want to do that... sorry. Oh, but take a look at Craige's blog here: http://www.craigemorsels.com/blog/archives/000650.html


Craige said...

Your prize is me saying "Hooray!" People don't say hooray enough.

I hate bringing my lunch. I do it every now and then, but mostly I really enjoy seeking out something new every day. I don't know how I used to eat more or less the same thing every day in grade school.

Kathryn said...

It's totally irrational. Someone else could make me the same lunch everyday and I'd be fine. But if I do it, I won't eat it.

I joke with my coworkers that I'm going to pay them to make me a sandwich and bring it everyday. Maybe I really long to be in grade school again.