Thursday, January 22, 2009

3's about me...

Jnet sent this to me... so I thought I would respond here:

Just not spoil the fun!

Three jobs I have had:
Head Concierge, 4-star hotel
Studio Assistant, mosaic/public art studio
Researcher/Project Manager/Gallery Assistant/Secretary/Diplomat, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Three movies I would watch over and over:
Nowhere in Africa
Y tu Mama Tambien
Talk to Her

Three places I have lived:
London, Ontario, Canada
St. Louis, Missouri
Grosse Ile, Michigan

Three shows that I watch:
The Rachel Maddow Show
How I Met your Mother

Three places I have been: and loved....
Paris, France
Santorini, Greece
Farmington, Maine

Three people who email me regularly:
(Outside of work, to make it different)
My aunt Jan (Grand Rapids, MI)
My sister-in-law, Catherine (Nairobi, Kenya)
Barack Obama (Washington, DC)

My Favorite Foods:
Borscht (Beet, not Meat)
Chai (Kenyan, Soy, or even Ethiopian Shahi... I love it all)

Three Places I'd rather be right now:
At home, napping with my husband.
At a yoga class.
In a hammock, reading a book, somewhere that is approximately 75 degrees F.

Three friends I think will respond:
Maybe if I ask very nicely, I could get Craige, my dad, and Gina to leave their answers in the comments. Please? Pretty please?

Three things I am looking forward to this year:
A birthday party or trip for Charles in August
The birth of my second "nephew" - my dear Ellie's impending arrival
Writing more substantive pieces


Kathryn said...

Okay, fine... I'll admit that our President only emails me the same mass emails as millions of other people, but it makes a good list, no?

Kathryn said...

Here are my Dad's three things:

Three jobs:
--MSU four years as assistant in library-loved the quiet and being with all of the books

--34 years as Episcopal priest-so many people (numbers of people in his congregation) 300,500,150,600..300.,1400,1100, 900, 450,1450.,700,350,2000,400,2000,290.
YET is that what i remember? I can because i AM A NUMBERS GUY but underneath the numbersare other things. Holding a dying woman's hand until she died because no one esle was there fore her and she asked me to be therel All of the hassle before I discovered my nitch as an intentional interim . Most of the time I have loved my job.

--Many jobs and projects with my father--I loved being with him and still miss him. He was great to caslll and talk with. Together we build bookcases, put on dry wall, panaling,painted, cut wood, poured concrete for an entire basement put in two way radios in police, construction, sherrif cars.We did whatever needed doing together wheter it was outside or inside.

--A fourth- Yoga teacher--I love yoga and love teaching it to others.The move from the active sometimes crazy world to the medative quiet one fascinates me.

Three Movies:
-Cold Comfort Farm;
Babbit's Feast;
The Scent of a Woman

Three Places I have lived
MIchigan(35 years) love the lakes, the cold and snow of the winter the beauty of being ina forest at any time.

Pau, France--Fascinating

Vietnam Son Hoa District, Phu Yen Province--A place that encompassed the greatest horrors of my life, the most and longest time of being afraid, yet a place that was in many ways very beautiful and a place tht led to one of the biggest transformations of my life.

Three shows I watch-
Antiques Roadshow;
Golf esp if Tiger is playing; Football if it is a good game

Three places I have been and loved

Ben Miller Inn, Ben Miller Ontario Loved the food,rest and the ruggness of it in many times of the year

Costa Rica-- beautiful people and wonderful place

Playing golf with my Dad at Crystal Downs at Frankfort MI where your can see Big Crystal lake and Lake Michigan while you are playing. It was most fun when you came-there was no pro shop just a tin can on a tree and you put in a dollor and played.

Three people who e-mail me regularly

-Karen Evans, my wonderful wife of 41 years!

-Alison Gibson until her death in October '08

-Mrs. Kathryn Ombam~one of my fantastic daughters.

#3 Foods- Veggies, fruit esp, apples, strawberries, oranges, guavas; /fish esp, swordfish, tuna, and almost any frestly caught

3Places I rather be--

-I am in one of them-Our house. I love it since we have renovated it. And I love my chairs,. the red oneinth e little office and my brown recliner in th living room.

On the beach in La Benne FR.

Walking in the woods in Northern MI or NY I loved being in Lincoln NY this past summer.

3 Things for 2009

--Continue to make more friends-a goal of mine since I left acdtive work for yoga teaching and retirement

Reach my weight watchers goal and establish a life long eating routine

Getting back to a healthy me!!!!!

OK Kath I did it, now I need you and others tht have done this to see it, and then send me their comments if any. Thanks , Dad

leo said...

Hi Kathryn -

Sorry, I have fallen behind in my blog reading. Here goes -

grocery store check out girl
general internist
stay at home mom

west chester, pa
philadelphia, pa
san diego, ca

sesame street

kyoto, japan
crater lake, oregon
coronado, ca

any meal home-cooked by my mom

on a bike ride
on a date
out with kathryn & vaneeta - we still need to do our girls night!

sorry it took me so long!