Monday, January 19, 2009

Peaceful Transition

I have been thinking a lot about transition today. We are so lucky to live in a country that is about to undergo a peaceful transition of political parties. Millions of people are taking to the streets, but not in violence. They are out there with joy. Watching the people in Washington brings tears to my eyes. People from all over the world are out there, rejoicing.

I know there are people that are unhappy (sarah palin), but for the most part people are able to control themselves (except sarah palin), and I hope that they are at peace, knowing that their voice will still be heard, by what promises to be a quite moderate administration.

Beyond that this weekend, I was faced at every turn with other people in transition.

I met with a close friend that is quickly becoming a phenomenon. His staggering intellect has been recognized and his uncommon work ethic is being utilized. I am so happy this is so. We all need him to work on our behalves. While he still laughs easily and often, I couldn't help but worry about him. He has plenty. But he no longer has time to go for a swim, or help young kids learn how to play soccer. Those things were important too.

He challenged me to make greater use of my talents. Gently accused me of wasting my intellect. Reminded me not to give up on my artistic pursuits. Encouraged me to remember how much I love to learn. I needed all of those reminders. I hope I will have many opportunities to collaborate with him in the future, for our mission in life is similar. (Except I always want to have time for a swim and to help kids learn, and to spend time with my friends.)

It was a great reminder at just the right moment. Marriage and family can so quickly eclipse everything else in your life, but it takes a village to raise a child and it takes more than one person in your life to make you happy. It is easy to forget that when there is so much comfort in your partner. And so much distraction in the pursuit of raising a family.

So while there were challenges in the rest of the weekend, I am sitting in all of it, marinating. Trying to see where to begin to get back those parts of myself that have slipped away a bit.

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