Thursday, January 15, 2009

What will keep me from going insane?

While some might like to make suggestions of medication or psychotherapy, I really just need one of the following:

1) Earplugs

2) Noise canceling headphones

3) An Ipod

Or some combination of those things. Because my commute is different than it used to be. For 3 years I rode the train and heard nothing. No conversations, ever. Oh, the R5 in all it's stepford, elitist glory. Then I had the most magical of commutes, a 20 minute walk with friends. A year and a half of starting my day with tales of trials and tribulations, window shopping, and funny stories. It was magical.

Now, my terrible, dreaded commute. I have to get to the train station at 7:20am, in order to get a parking spot, even though the train doesn't leave until 7:45am. Then, it is an entire train of people that know each other, so I either have to listen to 20 minute conversations about what color Uggs some lady bought her teenager, or worse.

Like this morning.

This morning the ladies next to me had a 20-minute conversation about how the one lady is having problems with her dog. Apparently, the dog vomits and then eats it...everyday.

Ladies, appropriate conversation topics for the train do not include gross actions involving bodily fluids.

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