Monday, January 5, 2009

Things that happened in December.

- I moved into my husband's house - full time.

- I bought a car.

- I visited my grandmother - who is awesome at 88.

- I fixed approximately 237 cups of tea.

- I did the dishes approximately 97 times.

- I unpacked most of my things.

- I went to several parties.

- I (we) bought a TV. The first electronic that I have purchased new since the boom box I got for Christmas in 1983. The first new TV I have ever purchased in my whole life. And by the way, the last TV I bought was 5 years old, and I purchased in 1997. (It was still going strong, but then about 2 years ago I lent it to a friend's mother, then she passed away, then I felt bad asking for it back. Seriously, how do you have that conversation?)

More on all of that soon. And someday with pictures and explanations.

- Oh, and I turned 35. It's not so bad, for those of you that are nearing it in the next few months!

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