Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luo in the House!

My Husband has a t-shirt that says in his tribal language "Luo in the House" - well, now there really is a Luo in the House - the White House!

Please read this article in the Washington Post today about the Kenyan reaction to Obama's win. It really encapsulates what this win means to those that have been disenfrancised by race, class, and lack of education.

Prime Minister Odinga even declared it a National Holiday tomorrow in honor of the win. One man in this article really says it best: Obama does not belong to the lineage of a political class, and he had no particular wealth to begin with except for his own convictions," said Moses Mubula, 35, a farmer who was watching the returns on the white sheet screen here as the sky began to glow light blue. "So the best part of [his victory] is that it symbolizes the crumbling of racial barriers, age barriers, class barriers and maybe we here in Kenya can break that jinx too.

That's it, right there, the American Dream.

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