Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I understand now. Those stories of my parents and grandparents about historic moments in their lives. The stories of where they were when this happened or that happened.

I am here, a newlywed, in my little apartment in Philadelphia, PA, alone and crying, listening to the screams of joy from the streets.

Charles called me to tell me, but my phone had already exploded with the news. When I finally got him back on the phone, we talked of how important this is to us. This could be our son. Our son could be president. To some Americans this might be a common dream - your son becoming president, a cliche, but I had not yet dared to dream.

My faith has been restored in this grand country of ours. I believe that people can see greatness. I believe that Barack Obama could see greatness. Truly, some of the most talented people I know have been behind him from the start.

My dear cousin in Chicago and I spoke of him when he first was elected years ago. I had read an article about him, and Nathan told me how amazing he truly was. Not an easy man to impress, my sweet cousin, but he was, and I was. Over a year ago, I was invited by two of the smartest women I know to a fundraiser that I could not afford, but I was tempted because it meant I would meet this man, Barack Obama. Then I heard of another great friend. A man of unparalled intelligence joining his campaign - and my courage to dream expanded.

Now, I will tell my children that just a few days after I married their father, that Barack Obama - a man just like them - was elected president.

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