Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Please vote.

Seriously, please.


emjo said...

no way, voting is for suckers.

Kathryn said...


You ate my special cookies, the bipartisan reward for voters and now you say voting is for suckers!

Take it back! I say, take it back young lady, or give me my cookies back!

I might have to call someone to remove the pets from your home. Such sweet animals should be cared for by good, voting, Americans.

Not filthy commies like you.

Oh wait, I kinda like commies.

I mean, not filthy libertarians like yourself.

emjo said...

youre right, im a liar, i did vote (libertarian, go bob barr!!) (just kidding).

also, you can say bitch on my blog. i wont be offended.


Kathryn said...


I should have rejected your *ss for not using the appropriate censorship in your speech.