Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Ode to Nathan.

I've been thinking about my awesome cousin Nathan ever since our wedding and meaning to write something about him here. I'm just so impressed by him.

He is not my cousin closest in age, but was my cousin closest in geography growing up. We are about 4 or 5 years apart (right, Nathan?) and so I ADORED him as a baby. What else does a mature 6 year old want in life but a tiny, wicked-smart toddler to take care of. I adored him.

He was a quiet teenager, but his intelligence and artistic ability was enough to make me bug him to death at every family function. You know how smart teen boys are, they LOVE their chubby older cousins to grill them about history class or what academic competitions they are in (sarcasm).

My first trip to Philly was actually on an East-Coast college tour with him and my aunt. We had an amazing time. We visited Penn. I never thought I would live down the street, but I did love Penn best and secretly wished he would go there. He didn't.

That's the thing about Nathan. He has this path that is all his own. And it has lead him to be this AMAZING guy. He is an amazing dancer:

(One of my coworkers saw these photos of him dancing and instantly fell in love.)

He is the photographer behind all those wonderful Black and White photos that I posted a few days ago. He didn't use a flash, and instead obviously let the natural light soak into the frames with adjusting the aperture. There are some that are blurred, and I love so much as they capture a movement that evokes the kind of event a wedding is: frenetic.

Love you, Cuz. Hope you're feeling better.

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