Monday, August 13, 2007

Combo Book Review/Movie Review

Book Review: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

Leave it to the friend that, arguably, knows me the best to give me this book to read. I asked her to describe it in three words. She struggled and used many more than 3... now I see why.

Gentle, staggering, sweet, sad, confused and tragic. Those are the words I would use. Although when I texted her last night, I used the word stunning. Truly stunning.

The plot is varied and complex. The language is thoughtful, but not ostentatious. The characters are developed: flawed, caring, and trying the best they can. Truly it is how I think of love: flawed, caring, and trying the best you can.

I know this is a spare review, but I don't want to say too much. I have many favorite moments, but really I'm just thankful to have spent 8 hours of my life with this book. Started on the plane ride back from vacation and finished, after many pauses to keep from crying hysterically in airports, at 12:30 last night. It is similar to the book I want to write with my mother, but lighter.

Now the movie review... can't get much more different: Rush Hour 3
What can I say... it's nearly identical to the others. If you saw them and loved them, then you'll love this one. If you were like I was and missed the second because you'd had enough from the first.. then why a third? Maybe you haven't had enough bikini girls and bathroom jokes in your life? Maybe you long for more ethnic misunderstandings and fight scenes? Maybe you have a crush on Jackie Chan? Wait to the very end... then watch the outtakes... the best moment is seeing Jackie Chan's sweet daughter in one rehearsal scene... such cuteness. Better yet, wait and download it from Netflix... then just watch the outtakes. You won't be missing much.

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