Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Lessons from a Rainy Morning.

Another strange walk to work this morning. This is what I learned:

Lesson 1: Cars don't care.
I was splashed numerous times at crowded crosswalks. I saw the cars coming, once I even made eye contact with the driver, but I was splashed anyway.

Lesson 2: People with big umbrellas are dangerous.
I was umbrella-bumped many times, but the funniest part was when a co-worker I was walking with was completely clotheslined by a low-hanging branch. And right after she was bragging about how big her umbrella is and how dry she stays.

Lesson 3: Rain is bad for homeless people.
The saddest thing about my walk to work was seeing the effect the rain had on some of my local homeless people. One man was so upset he was pantomiming indignation at the sky in dramatic fashion. I felt so bad.

A few blocks later I saw another man asking for spare change. The a--hole he asked was saying "Spare change? I don't even know what that means." Just taunting him. Just being mean.

It would be nice if I could open a little coffee shop that served the street community. A warm place to dry out and enjoy a warm beverage.

Lesson 4: The only way to enjoy the rain is from inside.
My office is warmer today. The little birds are playing near my window. The park is quiet and green. I could go fetch a cup of tea at any moment. My life is good. Now, how can I make it so for everyone else?

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