Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My New Talent

Apparently, I have a talent of which I was completely unaware: Translating English to English.

Anyone that has friends or family that are still navigating themselves towards fluency with the English language probably has this talent themselves. In my afternoons with Roula, my dear friend's cousin, I did ALOT of this translation.

However, I must try to transcribe a conversation we had.

Roula: I have a new dog.
Me: Oh, wonderful!
Roula: His name is Beubes.
Me: Boobies?
Roula: Yes, Beubes!
Me: Oh, that's great.

Later in the evening, my friend drove me into the city.
Me: Did you hear the name of Roula's new dog?
Friend: Yes! Do you think she knows the English word it sounds like?
Roula: What?
Friend: Your dog's name, it sounds like the slang word for breasts... Boobies.
Roula: Yes, but my beubes is spelled B..E..U..B..E..S.. and your boobies are spelled B..U..B..
Friend: No, my boobies are not spelled that way.
Roula: How are your boobies spelled?
Friend: My boobies are B..O..O..B..I..E..S, except I don't have much.

It was very funny!

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