Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Give me your tomatoes.

It's that time of year again, when people far and wide lament having too much produce from their gardens. They make tomato sauce, tomato relish, tomato salads. They give basil away by the truckload, bound with string with small cards attached detailing their favorite pesto recipe. It's a phenomenon.

But not in my life.

Why don't I have gardener friends? Are you all too busy? Where are my tomatoes? Where is my basil? I'm ready, hungry for a fresh salad!

Instead I spent $2.25 yesterday for a single tomato.

Clearly it was a mistake, the cashier must have rung me up for the super-amazing-hot-house-organic-makes-the-salad-for-you tomato, when really it was a slightly bruised but rather delicious little guy. I didn't go back to the market to correct the error, I simply chopped that precious fruit up and threw it in my stir fry.

But I can't afford to be spending such large amounts on such tiny accoutrement - so please, donate your unwanted fruits, vegetables, and herbs to me. I will use them with relish.

hee...hee... with relish.

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craige said...

Funny, you're not the only blogger I know who is craving home-grown fruit. Oh! And you both live in the same city. Doubly funny.