Monday, August 6, 2007

Tourist by proxy

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. Believe me, I've missed you all!

After several days of strep throat, I've spent the beginning of my vacation with a couple out of town guests.

The first, my friend-of-friend, Nicole from Germany has actually been in town for 12 days. It's quite amazing how much someone becomes part of your daily routine over the course of 12 days. She leaves this evening and I will miss her.

Yesterday we went to New York, my first official vacation activity. We had a lovely Sunday afternoon Dim Sum in Chinatown and then I wandered about with my sweetest friend and got my nails done. Very relaxing.

Today, it's off to the mall to do a bit of shopping with Roula, my cousin-of-friend, and I'm very excited. She is an extraordinarily gregarious, beautiful Greek woman. While we were in Greece, her name became an adjective... "Those shoes are so Roula!"

So here I go, for another round of tourism and consumerism, before I head down to Georgia to see my parents. While I was really hoping for an exotic locale for my break, I'll instead be spending my break with several exotic people in familiar places.

With so many recent disappointments and stresses, perhaps I'll meet some new exotic people too. I'm keeping my options open... and will be taking notes on how to be more fantastic from Miss Roula this afternoon!

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