Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation.

By Kathryn Evans

This year, on my summer vacation, I did alot of things. Some of the things I did included: reading, flying, carrying stuff, talking, and breathing. The thing I liked the best was reading.

One book I read was "The Kite Runner" by a famous author. It was very scary. I read it in one day. I read alot of books in one day, but not scary ones. I didn't sleep well after I read it. Like when I eat too much pizza, and wish I hadn't eaten so much pizza.

The book was about boys and I'm a girl. I didn't understand the boys all the time, but I don't understand boys most of the time, so I guess that makes sense. But sometimes I didn't understand why the boys were doing or not doing what they were doing.

Also on my summer vacation I visited my parents. They are very nice. They gave me presents, but not because they had to like on my birthday, because they wanted to. It was very nice. They have made alot of changes to their house and it is very pretty.

Also on my summer vacation I talked to people. I like talking to people because they are nice. The only time I don't like talking to people is when they stink. Sometimes they stink because they need a bath and sometimes they stink because they are just mean.

I had a very nice time and I would like to go on vacation again very soon. School starts very soon, so I do not think I can go, but I would like to.

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