Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Workout Move...

I didn't feel the effects of my new workout move until after I got to work today. Yesterday I saw this article on msn.com called "Love your Legs." So I clicked on it.

Later, at the gym I did two sets. Here's the move:
Main Move: Cardio Curtsy

Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing out. Hold chair with left hand (like a dancer at a barre), right arm at side. Cross right leg behind you, bending both knees (as if you were curtsying). At the same time, sweep right arm up and over, bending gently toward left (A).

Straighten legs and lift right knee to side, bending torso to bring right elbow toward right knee (B). Without pausing, repeat 25 times as quickly as you can while maintaining good form. Switch sides.

To Make it easier

Don't lift knee toward elbow. Instead, keep right toes on floor as you slide foot out to right and bring right elbow to side.

To Make it harder

As you lift knee toward elbow, rise up onto ball of left foot

Now, I'm feeling my quads in a very good way! Way to go MSN... I love that!

Although I don't think I was quite as upbeat as the woman in the picture while doing the moves.

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