Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Article I should not have read...

I love the Washington Post. I love the in-depth political analysis, I love the larger section of world-news, and I love the special columnists, the humorists, and even the sports-writers.

But I just read part of this article: A Germ Zapper's Guide to Clean and I may never eat at home again.

Some of the little gems to remember are:

- "The kitchen sponge (or dishcloth) consistently reigns as the dirtiest item in the home, decisively out-pathogenizing more infamous culprits, such as the toilet."

- A cutting board, for example, was found to have 200 times more fecal bacteria than the toilet seat. (How the HECK does that much fecal matter get on the cutting board?)

- And our laundry is being tainted by our underwear... so "laundry should be washed in water that's at least 140 degrees and dried for at least 45 minutes" or you have enough fecal contamination in the load to cause serious problems. And when I think about the number of times I've washed my dishtowels with my bathtowels and the rest of my clothes... well, let's just say I've got some laundry to do this weekend!

So my advice... DON'T read this article. Don't even continue to read this post. It's insane. Our lives are literally covered in shit.

... ugh ... I may never recover.

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